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Dear Fellow Vigrx Plus Seekers,

My name is Nico Simon Princely I like you am also a deal and discount seeker and have I got a deal for you today!

Not only am I a deal seeker, I’m also an Author of several books on sexual performance, penis enlargement and sexual technique. I have reviewed many supplements for male performance and male enhancement over the years and one of my favorites that I personally use and like best is VigRx Plus!

The reasons I like it is that IT WORKS, it’s a quality herbal formulation that is safe to use for long periods of time, and I have never had a bad experience using the Vigrx or VigRx Plus like I have some of the others I have tried that made me feel sick or had unwanted or even dangerous side effects.

I now recommend it in my “Penis of Steel Manual” that I have been selling since 1998 at

I used to take VigRx and have since moved on to VigRX Plus which is much more powerful and effective. I stil have a couple of bottles of VigRx I’m finishing off as you can see in the picture.

You also see that I take Semenax as well (You get a Free Bottle when you buy a years supply of VigRx Plus).

I often alternate back and forth between the products as this can maximize their effectiveness by reducing any tolerance that you body can build up. This is known as cycling.


Before I found VigRx I used to take a handful of supplements that I recommend in my “Penis of Steel Manual” but the cost of Vigrx Plus when bought in quantity is about 50% less!

It’s also much easier to to take 2 pills rather than 6 or 8! So now most of the time I just take VigRx Plus or Semenax and sometimes both if I have a big night ahead ;o)

Now, The Incredible Deal I’m Offering...

I have set up this page to send my newsletter subscribers and anyone else who is interested in getting the best possible deal when they buy Vigrx Plus.

I’m giving my Entire Greatlovers Collection of Ebooks and Multimedia Products to you For FREE
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You’re getting the entire Greatlovers Collection above (A value of $279 when priced separately.)

This collection is designed to turn you into a world class great lover as it has been doing for men all over the world since 1998.

In the Greatlovers Collection You will Discover...

  • The Secrets and Most Proven Methods of Penis Enlargement That Actually Work!
  • How to End Premature Ejaculation Forever and Last as Long as You want During Sex!
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Some of The Feedback I Have Received
From My Customers Of My Products...

(Comments Below Are Regarding My Penis of Steel Manual)

“Gained 2 Inches In Length & About 1/2 Inch In Girth!”

"I would like to say that I bought the manual and I gained an incredible 2 inches in length about 1/2 inch in girth. Plus in using the Penis of Steel formula in the manual and the other techniques I am now able to last for 45 minutes before I have to ejaculate. I thought this was wonderful and also sufficient and my girlfriend is more that satisfied. Thanks You changed my life”  - J.D.

“Increased 2.5 Inches In Length & 2.05 Inches In Girth”

"Nico, Current update as promised. The techniques in your manual certainly seem to be right for me,using all the methods described length is now a solid nine inches (from start 6.5 ins) and girth of 7.10 inches (from 5.05 inches). Also, it has also radically improved my sexual activity and inner belief. I so much more confident and positive again. Thanks for all your advice and cooperation.” - Regds Bob

“Wife Was Surprised And Very Happy!”

“I ordered your manual about 4 weeks ago without telling my I was not happy with my size and for 13 yrs it bothered me! She always said that she was happy with my size. Well I started to do the exercises.”

I do this about 2x a day during my morning shower and evening bath. I saw results immediately!!!!! I was 6 inches long now Im 6 and 3/4 and i gained an inch in girth. After 3 weeks of not telling my wife, we made love I noticed that she had her eyes closed after foreplay so i entered her and she opened her eyes widely after we were done.

I asked why she looked at me funny and she said she thought there was someone else
because it felt different(bigger) IĀ told her about your manual and she said keep doing it she was very surprised and pleased!

I said so size does make a difference and Nico your right it does. She said yes it does, but was happy with me all these years but now she really is happy. Also I tried the different type stroke methods and they really work I didn’t orgasm as fast and she got off several times before I did.

I used the (mentions technique on page 46 of the manual),what a difference. Thank you Nico for giving me the confidence I once had as a young person. Im 35 yrs old and have a renewed sex life, you are the man!!!!! Take Care.”

“Easy, With No Strings Attached!”

"I have been exercising my self, it has been a very reassuring experience. It is easy, with no strings attached, a great comfort to find someone on the net that is not deceiving the common net user. Thank you very much! " - S.E.

“Works Great! 1/2" in Length & 3/4" In Girth”

“I've been using the techniques in your penis of steel manual, and it works great, i've grown a half inch in length and about 3/4 an inch in girth in just 4 months, and I use the pc pump technique and it helps me to last almost as long as I want! Thank you so much for the techniques described in your manual, i just have one question, once your penis grows to the size that you want it to be, are you supposed to stop using the growth techniques? Thank you again” -J.G.

“Girlfriends Notice Difference In Size!”


Just a note to say what progress I have had since I last wrote to you. I have been using (he mentions the techniques) couple of months now and I wrote to you some weeks ago about my progress. My Penis is definitely weighing heavier in my hand when I go to the loo or shower.”

Two girls that I know have mentioned the difference in my size. A few days ago I was Having sex with an ex-lover who I haven't been with for a few months and she commented that my penis had 'put on weight' she was also quite intrigued at how I had done it, so I showed her! She seems to like the difference, even though she is quite small in the vagina dept.

However, another girl I have been seeing who has also commented on the size difference says she preferred my penis before he was 'so big' she is quite roomy in terms of her internal size yet feels some discomfort on entry and complains of being sore for at least a day or so after sex. What she does like is the texture of my penis which when flaccid has become quite velvety to the touch.

This particular girl is difficult to bring to orgasm and has to have just the right circumstances to climax. However, I have taken some more care and thought of her instead of greedy old me, and with the (makes reference to two of the thrusting techniques in the manual) plus some massage she has now twice, orgasmed a second time in the same session of sex. she says this has never happened to her before! As you can imagine this making me feel pretty good about myself!  Bye for Now”
- Tony

“Harder And Longer After Two Weeks!”

"Hello. I ordered your manual and have been using it for two weeks, and my God, it works like a charm. I'm harder than before and half an inch longer. Great program. But I was wondering, if you continued to do the exercises even after 3 inches of growth, would it continue to work for as long as you use it? Thanks a lot." - M.T.


Why I’m Doing This...

The reason I’m willing to do this and give everything a way for free is that I like win/win situations and to reward my loyal newsletter subscribers and visitors. Any time I can find away to give more value to my subscribers or customers and still pay my bills I’ll do it.

You see, I can give you all of these products and information that I would normally charge for because when you buy the products from a link on this page I get paid a commission, so I don’t have to charge you for my products because the commission pays for them. So you must buy VigRx Plus through one of my affiliate links on this page.

It’s a true win/win situation and I have carefully selected one the best male enhancement products available out there to do this promotion with.

If You Want To Save Money And Get Even More Read How Below...

Leading Edge Health the Maker of VixRx Plus gives you a bigger discount the more VigRx Plus you buy at one time and also offers several other valuable incentives such as Free Shipping, $25 Gift Card, Free Bottle of Semenax, Free Bottle of Nexus Pheromone Attractant and more!

And When you buy a 1 years supply of VigRX Plus your cost is cut almost in HALF! And that’s not even including the value of their additional bonuses or my bonus offer!

And don’t worry about getting stuck with something you don’t want because if your not 100% satisfied they will give you your money back and you still get to keep my Greatlovers Collection from me!

So it only makes good sense to buy in bulk and get the Biggest Value for your money and the cheapest per pill price.!

Enjoy Your New Sex Life,

Nico Simon Princely

How To Get My Exclusive Amazing
Bonus Step-By-Step...

1. Buy VigRx Plus Through The Links Below or 
   Anywhere On This Page.

VigRx Plus
The World’s Leading Male Enhancement Product

I personally use VigRx Plus myself and fully recommend it to any man that want to better sexual performance and it can even be used as a replacement for the “Penis of Steel Formula” in my Penis of Steel Manual. And it’s cheaper than buying all of the supplements in the formula separately and safe for long term use.

Buy a 2 month or greater supply of VigRx Plus now!*
As mentioned above I recommend that you buy a 1 year supply to get the biggest discount, Free Shipping and Their Bonus Package!

*A two month supply or greater is all that is required to qualify for my bonus offer.


2. Send me A Copy of Your Receipt.

Right after you buy Vigrx Plus just send me a copy of the receipt to:
VigRxOffer(at) (replace the (at) with @)

After you do the above please give me 24-48 hour to send you a download link
to your bonus package as this is done manually.


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